The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
A Adaptive Systems
Aerospace Systems
Automotive Control
Autonomous Systems
B Biological Systems
C Cognitive Control
Complex Systems
Computational Methods
Control Applications
Control Education
Control in Manufacturing and Production
D Decentralized Control
Design Methodologies
Discrete Events Systems
E Embedded Systems
Environmental Systems
F Fault Detection
Fault Management
G Guidance and Flight Control
H Human-in-the-Loop
Hybrid Systems
I Intelligent Systems
L Learning Systems
Linear Systems
M Mechatronics
Medical Applications
MEMS in Control
Micro and Nano Systems
Multivariable Control
N Network Control Systems
Noise and Vibration Control
Nonlinear Systems
O Optimization
P Process Control
R Real-time Control
Reconfigurable Control
Robust Control
S Signal Processing
Stochastic Systems
Structural Health Monitoring and Control
System Identification
T Transportation Systems
U Uncertain Systems

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